Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

hm nothing really exciting

hey guys,
i know it has been a while that i wrote something in here, but nothing really exciting is happening. some of you may probably think, that in the US every day something is hapening, but not really^^.
two days ago, i had my halftime and i cant believe that I've already been here for 5 months, the time goes much ,much faster than you think it does.
Christmas here was pretty hard, without you family(of course my sister came to visit me after Christmas for one week, that was totally awesome;) I love you Hedwig<3)>
It was kinda weird, that the american people celebrate the day after Christmas for us, but i think i already wrote about that stuff in the last blog.
So on Christmas eve we went to church, then we got home and did't do anything special, just put out cookies&milk for Santa at carrots for the reeindeers. The next morning i was forced to get up at 7:20 so we could open the presents^^ We have some pretty funny videos from there, I'll gonna show you all of them one time:)After that we had a humongous(I have no idea how to spell that word;)) Breakfast, it was called french toast. White Bread in small pieces and than you put creme cheese on the bread and afterwards you mix 12 eggs, sugar and something else, what you than put on the Bread. It has to go into the fridge and in the morning you bake it in the oven. We also had pancakes, which i love so much^^
At the evening we also had some guest, with which we had a really good meal. the next Sunday my sister came and i had her for one week <3
aaaand than back to school, trying to end the first semester. I think next Monday it is officially over, but I'm not sure;) Here at the school, there's not that much going on, just sitting around, cause the teachers don't want so start the stuff for the new Semester yet^^
At the beginning of February i'm gonna have my first winterguard competition, I'm so excited^^
next monday we don't have school, because it is Martin Luther King day, and i think the day after that one, so Tueday Obama is gonna be President, because right now he's only President elected;)
So because i don't have that much to tell I'm kjust gonna put some pictures in here. Don't ak, they are gonna be totally mixed up^^

Yeah, that's our Christmas tree, not decorated;)

and that's our tree half decorated^^

And that is it fully deocorated;)

I think that's just a wonderful picture^^

That was New Years Eve ;) With Me, Courtney and Brittany

Hm, i just like that picture;)

There is no problem with thinking of being on the titanic, just for that moment^^

Hm, yeah, after Christmas i went with friend to a gingerbread competition, and i Just liked that one, but i think i tokk about 50 pictures just from gingerbread houses:)

and last but not least, so everybody can see how I'm treated here ;)

Samstag, 20. Dezember 2008


In 3 days now finally Chrismas is gonna be here. and here everything is prepared for it.

About 2 weeks earlier we decorated our Chrismastree with my Hostmums uncles. Friday we bought it, brought it home on the top of our car, because the inside was a little bit too small;)

At home we decorated it with all different kinds of Decoration, and with lights, electric lights!!!!!! I wanted candles, but you can't find those things, where you put the candles in and so I didn't get my nice,shiny candles;)

Then later at the day we made cookies, Curt, one of my Hostuncles made big candie canes out of instant cookie dough and i tried to do nice german cookies, but most of the time the did't turn out, like they are supposed toi be. The instant cookiedough cookies were later decorated so cute, that I didn't wanna eat them ;)

and Dallas, the other uncle made really cool 'cookies' out of pretzels( salzbrezeln) and hershey kisses ( little chocolate thingies) and M&Ms, they were soooooo delicious!!!

after all the cookies were done we got our first christmas presents, because it is a tradition in this family, that you open your gifts, when the person, who brought them comes and can watch you ^^

I got some things from the movie 'Twilight' a pretty cool movie, which I really liked to watch, it is about vampires!!!!!!

Because this saturday was the 6th of december i surprised everybody with a little bag of treats at the evening, because herer they don't have 'Nikolaus', actually they think that he's the one who brings us the presents on Chrismas eve and not the 'Christkind' so I always have to explain, how we celebrate Chrismas in Germany^^
It is gonna be weird for me this year, becaue here they open the presents on the 25th in the morning and not the 24th. About that i already had a dicussion with Fil, because last Thursday i said, it's not even one week left to Christmas and he said it was exactly one week, but then we figured out, that i meant the 24th and he the 25th^^
that means actually santa comes in the night between the 24th and the 25th, and you usually put out cokkies ans milk for him, because he has such a busy night ;)
And there are also the stockings at the fireplaces, in which santa puts treats or small toys, the big presents are coming under the tree.
we are gonna go to church on the 24th, so it's like our 'Christmette'
that's for my mum; we don't have plum-pudding, that is really really British, but on Christmas Day (25th) we are gonna have Ham, what is really typical for Chrismas here, nut at the evening before, we only have something pretty simple.
And we don't have boxing day.
tomorrow I'm gonna have my Christmas concert which is gonna be kind of weird. before it we are having a spaghetti dinner ( some people say here dinner for lunch and supper for dinner, so it's actually a spaghetti lunch because our concert is gonna be at 2:30 in the afternoon, and the dinner/lunch starts at 1), where i have to serve, because the money we raise through it is gonna be for winterguard and i'm in there so I have to work for it^^
then the concert, we're not all playing together, but every section ( instrument) is gonna have its own music. and for the end the whole band is gonna play 'Sleigh Ride', which is gonna be conducted by oue principal, what is not gonna be that much fun^^
Yesterday I had a APES (Advanced Placement Environmental Science) Test for the end of the semster, I was so scared, because we had to know everything we already learned in the whole year, that means about 400 pages in our Science book. But i think I did good^^
so, I wish you all a merry Christmas, und 'nen guten rutsch ins neue Jahr ;) hab euch lieb und vielleicht bringt euch das Christkind in form meiner Schwester auch was zu Weihnachten^^

Sonntag, 30. November 2008

heyyyyyyyyyy guys

i have so much i have to tell you all

First of all, I'm am now officially in winterguard, that;s a group of people, who are doing performences with Flags and rifles. it is pretty cool, but i'm the only person in there, who never made anything even close to that, so I have a hard time learning everything. yesterday we had rehearsal the whole day, but I was on my way home at that time, so I couldn't come and so I'm missing a huge part of the show, but i'm gonna make that up.

so, now I have something reallyreally american, what we don't even know in Germany^^

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand about Disney. it was so great there.

On the Tueday before we left ,we were discussing if we kids are going to school on Friday or not, but this decision was taken away from us, because on Friday it snowed and so we didn't even had school at all. Everybody packed and we left around 3 with the car all packed with stuff.

6 hours drive to where we stayed for the night. Saturday morning after a nice breakfast we left to drive the last 3 hours to Disney. But on the way Fil got a phonecall from his old swimming friend, who invited us for Lunch, but the town where they live was on our way, so no problem.

After a nice lunch we started for our last drive and finally arrived in Orlando at about 2:30.

But our appartement was not ready yet and so we waited at the pool and the Jaccuzi, nice and warm.

it was so totally awesome, because when we left it was snowing an there we could swin in the outside pool. it had about 25 Degree Celcius.

We finally checked in and got our very very nice appartement.

We stayed there for some time, but later another friend of Fil called, who was camping in Disney and asked us to come to Downtown Disney. it's a shoplandscape, where you can get anyhting you want from Disney, and I got a pendant for my Pandora bracelet. it's like our 'bettelarbaender', on which you can add stuff, until it gets full.

so downtown disney, until it got cold and everybody left.

Next morning: the magic Kingdom, the main parc with the Cinderella castle. So beautiful. But first wheen we got there we parked and then got into a little train, who brought us to the 'overground station' and the into something like the tram, and then we fibally arrived at the park. But we were there a little bit yto early, and so we had like a humanjam at the entrance, because the had a bige parade for the opening of the park.

At 9, a train with all the Disney characters came, and they finally let us in, but everybody wanted to be first, and so it was a huge scramble there. we got in and run to the first ride, because in the middel of the day, you heve to wit to get into one ride for like 90 minutes, and I don't think that's worth.

So we got our rides and fastpasses, those are like passes you can get and they tell you to come nack at a certain time and you have a different line than everybody else. It moves faster too, normally.

in total I don't thin the rides are that good, the only one is 'mount everest' in the animal kingdom, just for somebody, who wants to know^^

we stayed there the whole day, from 9 in the morning until 11 in the evening.

We stayed there for so long, because at 9 there was this huge parade and afterwards a amazing fireworks.

here is a littel video of the fireworks, hope it's not a problem, that it's turned around^^

Monday i finally met Fils parents, they came for this week from Puerto Rico to Orlando, just to visit us. They are totally nice^^

The whole Monday we stayed in, because we were all totally tired from all the walking around in Disney.

Tuesday we went into EPCOT, the park with the big white ball, and with all teh different countries. It was a lot of fun to walk from one country to another. I was kind of disappointed from Germany, because they just have the 'Biergarten vom Oktoberfest', but anyways, it was funny, because all the people in Germany are supposed to speak german and most of them are actual from Germany, and so I could talk to them on German^^

And through all the other countries, most of them had a 3D movie of their country, pretty interesting for me^^

Wednesday we went to the Animal Kingdom with the 'mount everest'. That's one of the best Roller coasters there and I think we went on there for like 5 times.

We watched the lions king show, which was incredible, and i took a lot of videos there, and I'm just trying to upload it, but it really takes a very long time^^

Thursday was thanksgiving, I ate so much that day^^ The whole morning we were preparing the Turkey all the dishes and stuffing, ... the reat if the time we went to the pool, where i got my first sunburn, I've ever had in November;) Then after the turkey was in the oven for like 5 hours, we had Linner (combination between Dinner and Lunch^^) at like 3 in the afternoon^^. before we ate eveybody wrote on littel pices of paper what he/she was thankful for this year. After a hugehuge meal everybody was so stuffed and we kids went for a Tennismatch.

After that we had Pumpkin pie, very typical for Thanksgiving here and than we read the thankful papers, pretty interesting what everybody was thankful for but i'm not gonna tell you^^

The next day we went to the Hollywood studios from Disney, a very exhausting day , that evening we wnt out for dinner, because Mamama, Fils myum had ner birthday and so we went to the best stekplace there, where they even people, who were parking your car^^ what was so funny, whgen somebondy just opened the door for me and was waiting for the carkeys^^

Saturday, what a pity we already had to leave, and we sat there in the car for like 10 hours, until we finally arrived home. It was such a great vacation.

Oh and mIlli I finally got your Birthday present, thanks so much for that, and guesss what I'm listening to you CDs right when I'm wrinting this and I'm thinking of you;) By the way I really think we are the only two persons, who are making the most pousitive pictures of all, i almost forgot all those trampoline pictures;) and i love the one with the lemons^^ I know I look stupid on this one, but that's the best thing of it;)

Mittwoch, 5. November 2008


America has got a new president:OBAMA

everybodys talking about that, so I'm gonna talk about that too

the last week everything was focused on the election, everytime you turned on the TV you saw a debate, speech or political commmercial, pretty interesting for me;)

but now it's over because the president is finally elected, I was watching the news yesterday and it was pretty interesting how they made projections about whos is gonna get teh electoral votes of several states, when they only had about 1%of the votes, but they were right every time.
Last weekend was very exciting for me, because I went to my firt real Footballgame in Alabama,

The old university of my hostdad was playing against Arkansas state University and they won 35-0

First on Friday I checked out earlier from school, so we could leave in time. We drove 6 hours staight through Atlanta and to Birmingham. Between the driving we kids were watchin movies in the back of the car.

This is Atlanta , a very big city, with a lot of skysctatchers

Welcome to Alabama, the beautiful, what a pity that the picture is so dark, but it's the sign at the stateborder between Georgia and Albama

Dreamland, one of the most famous Restaurants there, with the best Ripps ever

Those Ripps were our Lunch at that day, but it wasn't actually Lunch, because we had them at 10 o'clockin the morning, so between Breakfast and lunch^^

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I guess thats me with the best ripps ever, super delicious and nerver forgettable

Welcome to the University, where the game was

Right on the University in front of Fils old school building

After more than 3 hours game, tired, sweety. sunburned, ...

but it was a great experience!!!!!

In Birmingham we first had problems to find our Hotel, but we finally got it with our Navi, after checking in ew had dinner at a very famous chinese restaurant.

we had a reservation for 8:30, and were there at out watches at 8:20, and the lady at the welcome counter told us to wait a little bit, so we waired as everybody else.

after half an hour, nobody wanted to wait anymore and so we asked again, and what was the result??: another timezome, 1 hour behind our time, and so we were there actually at 7:20, over one hour earlier!!!!!!!!


then saturday, there was the game and we went to Dreamland for 'lunch'.

after that we drove to the actual universityplace, where already so many people were there. most of the people lust go there with tents, chairs and TVs to watch the game there on TV, kind of crazy!!!!!!

and the game was so awesome, 2 hours before it started the players came into the stadium, and after them the Marching Band, so good. They were about 300 people in there, playing, dancing

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2008


heute mal wieder auf deutsch,
ich will nur allen meinen super freundinnen aus deutschland fuer das tolle 'survival package' danke sagen.
das ist so lieb von euch, und ich habs echt nicht erwartet, also musste ich fast die taschentuecher hernehmen^^ aber ich finds einfach super tolll von euch, dass ihr euch so viel muehe gemacht habt, und ich finde echt, dass jedes geschenk seinen sinn hat( naja bis auf den depp vom dienst;))
naja auf jede fall tuts super gut zu wissen, dass man so tolle freundinnen hat;)
I love you all, forever!!!!!!!!!!!
dann kann ich mal erzaehlen, was ich so mach, am naechsten wochenende werde ich nach Alabama fahren, um zu einem ziemlich wichtigen Football spiel zu fahren, weil wir dafuer freikarten bekommen haben.
und mein Gastvater ist total gluecklich deswegen, weil naemlich sein altes College spielt.
Also bekommm ich einen neuer amerikanische Erfahrung.
letzten sonntag war Trunck or treat, das ist so was aehnliches wie Trick or Treat, aber es ist fuer hier, wo alle so weit auseinander wohne, da trifft man sich bei der kirch, jeder schmueckt seinen Kofferraum und dann gehen die kinder voon kofferraum zu kofferraum, anstatt von haus zu haus.
und ich war Rotkaeppchen, nicht ein grosses M&M, :), hatte alle meine schonen sachen mit puencktchen an, war ganz niedlich, aber da waren ganz viele kleine kinder, die alle super niedlich angezogen waren. echt suess;)

gestern hatten wir das erste mal Schnee, weswegen die Schule 2 Stunden spaeter angefangen hat.
Ich wurde leider durch den anruf von der Schule um 6 Uhr aufgeweckt, in dem sie uns gesagt haben, dass die Schule 2 Stunden spaeter anfaengt und konnte danach leider nicht mher einschlafen, also hats nicht so besonders viel gebracht, war aber trotzdem lustig an dem tag Kurzstunden zu haben;)

Naja jetzt ist der Schnee leider schon wieder geschmolzen, aber es ist trotzdem ziemlich kalt, also kommen schon die Muetzten und Handschuhe in der Frueh raus.:)
Die Baeume gier fange shcon lagsam an ihre Farbe zu aendern und deswegen ist es bald ein Meer uas Rot&Orange, wenn ich aus meinem fenster scheu, weil unser Haus naemlich mit Baeumen umgeben ist:)
si ich hoffe jetzt mal, dass ich in meinen, ausnahmsweise, deutschen Blog nicht zu viele Fehler reingeschreiben hab, aber ihr muesst ein bisschen nachsichtig sein, wreil ich schliesslich in einer anderen Sprache schreib/rede/denke/traeume, ...
so, jetzt nachdem der Computer mehrere male das Internet abstuerzen hat lasse, hab ichs glaub ich endlich geschafft den gesamten Blog zu speciher und zu veroeffentlichen;)

Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

It's fall break here at the moment, but only for four days.
at friday we wanted to go to Dollywood, but it begam to rain, when we drove there so we went into wonderworks, a house where you can do a lot of stuff, it was pretty funny
after it, it was still raining so we had lunch and decided to drive home, but on the way there were the 'forbidde cavern', caves which were really interesting to see, with a lot of weird figures and lightshows, which were sometimes a little scary
Yesterday evening we went to a german reataurant in Asheville, we all had Schnitzel, but it wasn't as good as in Germany:)
I'm trying to put a video of the inside in here, but it's still to big and so i'm gonna work on it, perhaps I can put it in the next time after I worked on it^^
That wasa almost everything we made at this 4 days, but perhaps we're gonna do something tomorrow at the last day of the break^^

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008


so, I think now it is time for a new blog, I know I hadn't wrote for sooooooooooooooo(you all know I love this word^^) long, but now I have news
It's my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sweet 16!^^
so, today was a really busy day, because today was homecoming, too.
first in the morning I had a breakfast with chocolate chip pancakes, and the chocolate things were melted so it was absolutely delicious, and i had strawberrys, too^^mhmmmmmmmmmmm
and mum thanks for the call, it made me happy <3>
then I left for school, that was a little bit weird, because i brought ballons for a girl, whose birthday was today too, and so it looked loke I'm bringing myself ballons;)
Funny, so i was at school, carrying around the ballons, and I went into the Bandroom for my first period and on my desk there were ballons and a rose and such a cut card;) that was so sweet
but the ballonbs were a little bit annoying when I was playing flute, but I made it^^
Oh yeah, good news between, now I'm playiing first flute at the band, I'm sooooooo happppppy^^
back to today:
so after band I was carriyng around MY ballons, so everybody saw thet it was my birthday^^ but some people really belived I had them just for fun, or because of Homecoming, funny^^
Third period I realized that my English teachers birthday was today too, sooooooooo funny^^
For lunch i brought leah(the other girl, who had birthday) Muffins, or Cupcakes, how they call it here and eveybody could see our table, because it was full with ballons^^
and after lunch, Sarah, another friend gave me this cute, very sweet chocolate cake with sparkeling icing ;)
Later the day in 6th period the whole class sang for me, actually pretty good^^
then in the middle of 6th period I checked out, that means I left the school earlier because I had an hairappointement for styling it for the evening
so i was there, but we had to wait a little bit, because the one, who should style me, had lunch, so we waited
then we decided what I'm gonna do, I had/have my hair curled put up at the back of my head with about 50 clipper and tons of hairspray in it, so it doesn't fell like hair anymore, I'm nor sure how I'm gonna get that out, but I'm gonna try it^^
so, my lady who was fixing the hair worked about 1 1/2 hours, so after that i was a little bit in a hurry and had only about ten minutes to get ready for the pictures, I know very, very short, but I made it
So I and Fil went to the lake, where they took pictures for the yearbook with a very pretty background

that's me and my hostdad in front of this beautiful lake ;)

and we took other pictures with the girls

AND only the Junior girls togther( Lauren,Me, Kirklin and Rachel)

so after the pictures we left and went home for my birthday dinner : Lasagna and chocolate cake with back forrest topping ;) super delicous, at the dinner I got my present a bacelet on which I can add things, there is already a little present, a Football and a Big T( for Tuscola my school) on it, so when I;ll be back in Germany I will have the whole thing full with memories^^

then we finally left for the game:


I was so nervous at the beginning but it was ok, we just went to get our flowers for the jacket and then we had time to 2 minutes before halftime. at that time we met right next to the stage, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

So they called everybody, blah blah blah name grade daughter of, eskorted by, ...

so we were at the stage and then they announced the homecoming queen, a really pretty girl, whos in my french class;)

after that we actually were done for the whole game so I walked around with my friend, even my shoes killed me, almost^^

AND tuscola won the game 44-18, so pretty pretty good^^